Sunday, May 24, 2015

Week 11

I can't explain how unreal it was to talk to you guys yesterday!! it was the best. you guys all look so good and happy and it just makes me so happy!!

Yesterday was the best day ever.
MICHAEL CAME TO CHURCH. He was sooo nervous at first. but he loved it. He said it was the highlight of his week. He is a miracle. Heavenly Father is preparing people every step of the way. Last week was so hard and I thought we were going to drop him because he kept bailing on our appointments. But then when we finally met with him he told us how much he has missed us coming over. He started to tear up and told us about how things don't go as well in his life when he is not meeting with us. We read with him from the Book of Mormon and he was understanding everything and asking such great questions. I can't believe this is the same michael we met waiting for the bus 6 weeks ago. 

Every week I am blown away by the miracles I see. This church is true. 

After church we had a sunday brunch at a members home instead of dinner with them that night. They went all out. Oh my goodness it was the cutest thing ever. We had mini pancakes, waffles, yogurt parfaits, and all kinds of breakfast food. It was all decorated and was basically 10 times better than anything you would see off of pinterest. 

We talked to one man the other day and he asked us if after talking to people like him(people who ask so many questions about God and science) if we ever went back to our apartment and really doubted what we are preaching. It really took me back. Sometimes people do say things and I think, yes I can see how you would think that or i even think what they are saying does make a lot of sense. And sometimes I don't have answers to questions that people ask me. But I still know that what I am saying is true. I feel it deep inside me and I know that it is not something i believe just to help me cope with life. But it is something that is true. It is the definition of life and all existence. God is real. He loves us so much that He sent His son to die for us and to suffer for our sins, doubts, fears, heart aches, everything. We are everything that we are because of Him. 
And we all chose Him once before, why can't we choose Him again? It kills me when people cannot have more faith. When they rely more on themselves than the God who created them.

I love you all so much!!
I'm not sure when I will be leaving to brazil but it could be on Monday! It's killing me that I don't even know yet! My companion leaves on Monday for Australia and I am going to miss her so much!! She is such a great companion and we work so well together. I love her. She will be amazing in Australia. 

Love, Sister Taylor

Week 10

tudobem familia!

I GET TO SKYPE HOME ON SUNDAY. yayyy I am so excited!!! happy mother's day mom!!
and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW TOMMY!! I can't believe that in a month you will be finished with high school! so crazy.

well I found out that my visa came! so so crazy. The rest of my district at the mtc received theirs too. looks like we will all be at the brazil mtc together for 2 weeks before we leave to our missions through out brazil. I have so many mixed emotions right now. This is going to be so hard leaving westminster. I have to come to love this place and the people so much. I can't even imagine leaving them. But I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for me and it is all in His timing. 
PRAY FOR ME. especially with the gift of tongues because my Portuguese is definitely not the greatest currently. 

This week was really great! We had a zone conference on wednesday and it was so good. I learned a lot about keeping our thoughts on our missions and not getting discouraged.

A couple of miracles that happened this week were:

1. Sister Stigen and I were waiting outside our church building for a member to come out with us and we saw this man on the street so we decided to go contact him. Well just as we started walking towards him, he started walking towards us! (that never happens!) He then asked us what church this was and we told him and explained to him that we were missionaries. He then proceeded to tell us how he has been looking for a church to go to and get involved in and asked what time our church starts and if he could meet with us. Sister Stigen and I just looked at each other and had the biggest smiles on our faces. I couldn't believe what was happening! We gave him all the information he needed and set up an appointment with him for tomorrow so we will see what happens. The whole time he was talking I just kept thinking "WAIT, DID HE REALLY JUST SAY THAT?"

2. We were looking through our area book at some potentials and decided to randomly go to this one. Little did we know it was not random that we chose to go to this guy's home. When we knocked on the door this lady answered who looked so familiar. At first I thought it was a member from the spanish ward- you have no idea how many members we have tried to contact not knowing they are members haha. yesterday we tried to give a pass along card to the Bishop's daughter in the spanish ward hahaha it was hilarious. This lady who answered the door though was not a member and she said hey i remember you! and then I realized we had contacted this woman on the street a couple of weeks ago and she was nice but not interested. Well let me tell you Heavenly Father is preparing people. She was interested when we knocked on her door and we are now going to teach her this week! The guy we thought we were going to see was her brother and doesn't live in the house anymore. 

We really needed these miracles this week because it seemed like every single one of our lessons were canceled. Michael canceled on us this week and we are probably going to drop him. It breaks my heart. We are meeting with him tonight though, so we will see how it goes. 
Steve was out of town this week but we will be meeting with him on wednesday. pray for him!!

The church is true. Read the Book of Mormon. Pray. it is the little things that matter. 

I love you all so much and i will talk to you real soon! and this time i mean that! in 6 days!! ahhh. i can't wait! 

Sister Taylor

Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 9


How in the world is everyone?

This week was good and bad. Some days are just hard. We try and talk to everyone and meet with our investigators to help them come unto Christ with all of our, "heart, might, mind and strength", but they still don't accept it. They don't understand. People either don't believe there is a God, or they think they already know Him and don't need religion in their life. It breaks my heart. WE ALL NEED GOD IN OUR LIFE. It's not just enough to say you believe in Him. We aren't just here to goof around and try to be better than someone else. We are here to grow. We are here to become more like our Savior. And how incredibly lucky we are to have Him. To know that because of Him we can live with God again, that we can be made completely pure, that we never have to feel alone because He knows how we feel is so comforting. He is always there. It's us who have to let Him in. All we have to do is let Him help us. Ugh. It's so frustrating to me that people won't see this. How much happier, more peaceful their lives could be if they would truly come unto Christ. It's not enough to just say you believe. You must come- which means you must move! OKAY. sorry. I'm done venting. 

Friday and Saturday were the greatest days.

Friday- we had an FHE with the Jamison Family (they are a phenomenal family in our ward) and our investigator, Steve and his daughter. It was such a great lesson. It was on the gospel of Jesus Christ and it went so well. Afterwards we invited them to church on Sunday and he said he would come. Steve has literally been the greatest investigator. He is so solid.

Saturday- we met with Michael. He is the sweetest. When we first met Michael he wasn't sure if there was a God but now he says he believes He is there, but not always for him. The biggest MIRACLE was when we were talking with him and he said he feels something when we meet with him. He said he feels warm inside. WHEN HE SAID THIS I WAS LITERALLY ALMOST JUMPING IN THE AIR. I was so excited. No one has ever told us that before and it made me so happy that Michael was feeling the spirit and recognizing it. He then pulled out these 2 wooden angel doll things that he had made for us. One of them says, "Sister Talor" and the other says, "Sister Stigen". He said he stayed up until 5 a.m. working on them and then he started tearing up and said, "I felt of God's love while I was working on them". It was one of them best moments of my life. These experiences are what make it worth it.

When Sunday came around it was devastating to see Steve and Michael not show up. I was so discouraged. It was seriously the worst day.

Well that's about it. I love you guys so much and can't wait until mother's day!!
Read 1 Nephi chapter 16. It's incredible how much faith Nephi has. He is unreal. 
Love you all!

Sister Taylor