Sunday, May 24, 2015

Week 11

I can't explain how unreal it was to talk to you guys yesterday!! it was the best. you guys all look so good and happy and it just makes me so happy!!

Yesterday was the best day ever.
MICHAEL CAME TO CHURCH. He was sooo nervous at first. but he loved it. He said it was the highlight of his week. He is a miracle. Heavenly Father is preparing people every step of the way. Last week was so hard and I thought we were going to drop him because he kept bailing on our appointments. But then when we finally met with him he told us how much he has missed us coming over. He started to tear up and told us about how things don't go as well in his life when he is not meeting with us. We read with him from the Book of Mormon and he was understanding everything and asking such great questions. I can't believe this is the same michael we met waiting for the bus 6 weeks ago. 

Every week I am blown away by the miracles I see. This church is true. 

After church we had a sunday brunch at a members home instead of dinner with them that night. They went all out. Oh my goodness it was the cutest thing ever. We had mini pancakes, waffles, yogurt parfaits, and all kinds of breakfast food. It was all decorated and was basically 10 times better than anything you would see off of pinterest. 

We talked to one man the other day and he asked us if after talking to people like him(people who ask so many questions about God and science) if we ever went back to our apartment and really doubted what we are preaching. It really took me back. Sometimes people do say things and I think, yes I can see how you would think that or i even think what they are saying does make a lot of sense. And sometimes I don't have answers to questions that people ask me. But I still know that what I am saying is true. I feel it deep inside me and I know that it is not something i believe just to help me cope with life. But it is something that is true. It is the definition of life and all existence. God is real. He loves us so much that He sent His son to die for us and to suffer for our sins, doubts, fears, heart aches, everything. We are everything that we are because of Him. 
And we all chose Him once before, why can't we choose Him again? It kills me when people cannot have more faith. When they rely more on themselves than the God who created them.

I love you all so much!!
I'm not sure when I will be leaving to brazil but it could be on Monday! It's killing me that I don't even know yet! My companion leaves on Monday for Australia and I am going to miss her so much!! She is such a great companion and we work so well together. I love her. She will be amazing in Australia. 

Love, Sister Taylor

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