Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week 4

hello my beautiful family!!

holy cow one month!! It's surreal to think one month of my mission is already gone. 

This was the quite the eventful week! I got to leave campus three times!!!  It was so weird. My companion has been needing physical therapy so we have been going to this place off of university avenue. I could have walked to my friends houses in two min! ah. so weird.  I saw five people from the ward and  that was wonderful! But I really couldn't wait to get back inside the mtc. The outside, worldly provo started calling my name ... haha there was music playing at the physical therapy place so i got to listen to some billy joel and john mayer... but they don't even compare anymore to  the lovely efy music and mormon tabernacle choir. nope. not even close. haha kinda kidding :)
I had to get my Hep. A booster shot this week and I was really tempted to fake a british accent. Everyone who was getting shots were foreigners and  were from all these exotic places! Whenever someone asked me where I was from I was just like, "oh I'm actually just from Provo!" they would just stare at me and then ask, "really?". haha it was hilarious. 

ELDER COOK CAME. WOOOOHHHHOO. literally it was the best. everyone was so excited because I guess Apostles don't come as often as they used to.
He talked about how mission calls are assigned which was really cool. 
He told us how our faith will lead us to success. Then he said if "we are inviting we are succeeding".  As missionaries we are suppose to invite investigators to be baptized in the first lesson we  have with them! WHAT. I nevveer knew that until i came here. But an Apostle of the Lord said if we are inviting others-(to be baptized, pray, read the BoM, attend church, etc.) then we are succeeding. This is the Lord's work. It's not about me or my fears or what I want to do. It's what the Lord wants. Elder Cook also said, "It's the Lord's church. He will establish His church." Wow. It really shows how this work only comes forth becomes of Him. MIssionaries are simply his instruments.

As far as my VISA goes... it doesn't look like it's coming anytime soon. There are 4 little dots that show that status of my VISA and mine is still on dot number one. I will be getting my reassignment next week on wednesday or thursday. I am really excited to get it! It's like waiting for another a mission call! two missions in one is the way we are looking at it.

well i love you all so much and hope you are enjoying this BEAUTIFUL weather as much as I am! We try to study outside as much as possible now. I love it!!

The church is true and Heavenly Father is so mindful of us. He loves us so much and will help us through our trials. 

Sister Taylor

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